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Shalimar Indian Restaurant - Family-owned business since 1994

DISCOVER CULINARY NIRVANA and a great variety of Indian culture as experienced through her many regional cuisines-from Northern India.

In the mid 17th century, Indian Culture flourished under the great Moghul Emperor Shah Jahan who not only built the world-famous Taj Mahal, but also found fulfillment in the creation of gardens of exquisite beauty and harmony, which he appropriately named "Shalimar".

The translation of this ancient Urdu word expresses exactly the essence of its original meaning "The Great Place".
The essence of Indian Cuisine lies in the variety of spices available and the aromas generated by their use.
A visit to Indian Garden is a culinary voyage of discovery to the exotic tastes and textures of India and the warmth and hospitality of her people. Enjoy!

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